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Mark Robson has been a journalist and broadcaster for over 40 years.

Working almost exclusively in sport, he was employed for 15 years by SKY Sports, and 11 years by the BBC. Elsewhere Mark worked, on significant international contracts, for ITV, Eurosport, and Premier Sport.

Mark has been involved in BAFTA and Sony award winning, and nominated, documentaries and programmes.

He’s worked on these productions as a writer/reporter/presenter.  For the last 10 years Mark has focused on rugby commentary with SKY, as well as Premier Sport,  Eirsport, BT and the ‘World Feed’ with his commentaries going across the globe. Sports channels in South Africa, USA, New Zealand and Australia are the main customers. Mark has just signed a contributors contract with Netflix.

Now Mark has turned his attention to one of his great passions – writing. ‘The Genius Killer’ is Mark’s first novel in what will, hopefully, become a trilogy.

Mark Robson
Journalist, Writer & Presenter

The Genius Killer

“The Genius Killer” is, at its core, a confrontation of powerful characters. A psychological battle between Detective Theodore “Tex” Deacon, and the purest psychopath he has encountered, Karl Jackson.  And then there’s Debbie Pilkington, an enthusiastic cub reporter with the local paper, The Rimpton Chronicle. Their lives become intertwined as the hunt for the killer gathers pace. The novel is set in the English Lake District.

All profits from the ebook and print sales of ‘The Genius Killer’ will go to The Lighthouse Charity and Finding Hope
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I’m not a huge autobiography fan to be honest. All a bit too egotistical for me but a few chums have talked me into putting together some of the funny stories and escapades from my life and career. I’ve included a few draft chapters here for you to have a look at. If you like them it might inspire me to write some more and complete the darned thing. This is very much a work in progress. Have a wee look and let me know what you think

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